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Oblique Publications would like to announce the
availability of a new Clark/Lex Smallville slash zine:
The Big Girls' Book of Smallville Big Boys

134 pages, 110,000+ words
full color cover, spiral binding
3 authors (Fajrdrako, Jane Mailander, M. Fae Glasgow)
4 vignettes or short short stories
5 short stories
2 long stories
1 novella (crossover with Due South Fraser/RayK)
Contents are detailed below.

An AGE STATEMENT that the purchaser is of legal age and understands the nature of what they are purchasing is absolutely REQUIRED with every order.

Smallville Big Boys is available for
US$18 in person
US$20 mailed to U.S., Canada, U.K., and the European continent
US$22 mailed to Australia, New Zealand, the Far East
(Other places, please inquire.)

NOTE: The above mailing prices already INCLUDE the postage costs. Payment is accepted as PayPal (NO CREDIT CARD payments). Please email for PayPal address. Payment is also accepted in checks drawn in US$ or money orders in US$.

Checks/money orders must be made payable to GRAHAM BANNISTER.
Buyers may also send cash at their own risk. US$, pounds sterling, euros accepted. Email for specifics.

Oblique Publications
PO Box 43784
Tucson, AZ 85733-3784
USA (Please visit the website for a full range of downloadable zines in pdf format.)

Zine Contents

Sherry and Oak by M. Fae Glasgow (7,400+ words) SHORT STORY
The best vintages. like the best people, shouldn't be
Post Redux.

Victorious by Fajrdrako (5,720+ words) SHORT STORY
Men were so easy to manipulateóor at least Lex had been before.
The Victoria arc.

Cars by M. Fae Glasgow (1,820+ words) SHORT-SHORT STORY
Everyone thinks they know why Lex loves fast cars, but
Lex knows better.
First season.

Cochineal by M. Fae Glasgow (22,350+ words) LONG STORY
How Lex Luthor gave birth to Superman.
Post Red.

His Master's Voice by M. Fae Glasgow (1,920+ words) SHORT-SHORT STORY
Lex knows exactly what his father would want him to do.
First season.

Fireflies and Butterflies by M. Fae Glasgow (6,860+ words) SHORT STORY
Sometimes 'yes' is the last thing Lex needs to hear Clark say.
First season.

A Tangled Web by M. Fae Glasgow (5,220+ words) SHORT STORY
Why would Lex need Helen to break down the walls around his heart when Clark has already reduced those walls to a pile of pretty pebbles?
Post Visage.

The Prince Lex by Jane Mailander (16,620+ words) LONG STORY
Smallville recast in the classic film The Princess Bride.
First season. Humor.

Lightning Crash by M. Fae Glasgow (1,560+ words) VIGNETTE
Bringing light to the dark places with the touch of his hand on his own rain-slicked skin.
First season.

Dressage by M. Fae Glasgow (4,210+ words) SHORT STORY
Dammnit, why did sex objects have to insist on being real people?
First season.

Exeunt by M. Fae Glasgow (910+ words) VIGNETTE
Even when it's the stuff of legends, will love always be enough?
Future, not comic canon.

The Yellow Brick Road by M. Fae Glasgow (35,500+ words) NOVELLA
Ray's used to Fraser risking his life in wildly bizarre ways, but this is the first time it's led to anywhere quite as bizarre as Smallville.
Second season Smallville/pseudo-Call of the Wild Due South.

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